March 2017

Quarterly Progress meeting held on 8 March.

Staff continues to assist City of Moore IT with the ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS. Work on the CAD as-built template for developers to use continues.

Updates are continuing new project as-builts including utilities, building footprints, parking lots and streets. Building permits for safe rooms have been added to data through this month. Lemke staff are collecting as-built data through field collection using mobile app. Veolia is continuing to provide updates through the web portal, and those are being integrated into the data. Work on water meter data continues.

Mapping work on Fire Map Run Books has been turned over. Wall Map and Pre-incident Plans continues. Integration continues of Fire Department Sprinkler Connects from the Fire Response Plans that the Fire Department provided Lemke staff completed. Web application set up for Fire Department to collect data in field. Training for Fire Department personnel given for Map Book updating through ArcGIS editing. Working to create connection with computer system with ArcGIS at FH #1 to City of Moore SDE database.

Zoning data was migrated into the Local Government Information Model (LGIM) and has been shared with the Community Development department through paper maps, and a web app for making comment for updating zoning. Staff was shown Zoning application and training on its use.

Water and Sanitary Sewer utility lines have been submitted to Call OKIE and have developed a publishing process for future submittals. Continuing app development for Water Isolation Trace, My Government Services and Flood Inquiry applications. Working on Moore city processes for integration and notification of GIS Analyst for updating purposes. Training onsite personnel on data edit processes.