September 2017

For the month of September:

Number of Inquiries: 200

Number of Class Participants: 37

Number of Applications Received: 10

Number of Applications in Process: 8

Number of Applicant Interviews: 3

Number of Application Processed: 3

Number of Applicants Eligible: 2

Number of Applicants Ineligible: 1

Number of Applicants under Duplication of Benefits Review: 2

Number of Processed Applicants Completing Loan Counseling: 3

Applicants Currently seeking a house: 3

Inquiries about the City of Moore DPA program has significantly decreased, which is expected. Interest in all DPA programs decrease typically September - March. Working with the City of Moore to hold an additional Informational workshop in October.  Revisions have been made to workbook and it is operating properly.